Domestic Snow Leopard

A slightly balmier temperature this morning encouraged the walkers to make a short sortie:

Grant was off on a shopping expedition that held no interest for me so I declined the offer of escort duties.

After all I had an outing yesterday and I wouldn’t want to overdo things!

There was no amazing sunrise this morning but as usual the sky was worth a snap. Or two.

An interesting formation began to develop that kept me watching for a while…and I may come back to that, but first I want to go back to yesterday.

Leaving our road, Grant turned North and I was pleasantly surprised to see another heavenly body.

But would I be able to capture its image from a moving car? For some reason I had grabbed the Lumix…

We proceeded to the very frozen Hudson.

No reflections in her waters this day.

The post-sunrise sky was very lovely:

There she still was, our beautiful moon.

As the Hudson came once more into view, the opposite shore was suddenly lit up by the rising sun.

No sign today of the geese that usually flock here.

There weren’t many gaps in the ice.

No train today either. Usually there is a freight train waiting on that bridge.

This little hill is grandly called Willard Mountain. It’s our very own ski resort. Seriously!

A few pictures of our frozen land, yesterday.

But last night, I was surprised by one other thing…

The sun rises and sets every day. Living in the country one is fortunate to observe this. We take it for granted. I had been quite pleased to see the moon sinking to the West yesterday morning.

However I cannot remember ever seeing the moon set and rise again on the same day.

Noticing the great orb appear to the East last night seemed astonishing. Why should it have been?

We know its rotation is irregular.

Always keen to attempt another shot, I seek guidance online but I always seem to be an hour off.

The endless quest for a perfect photograph. Last night I abandoned my supper and braved a chilly 16 F, inefficiently manipulating two cameras.

Well, why not. The Moon is special. I miss her when she’s not visible.

5 thoughts on “Surprise?

  1. I commented on Nan’s farm today:
    Isn’t it great that we cannot perfectly capture the beauty of the moon except with our eyes and hearts. Yes, we can get better and better cameras and telescopes, but the actual viewing and feeling of the moon cannot be beaten!
    You’ve done a pretty good job though!

  2. I keep trying! The Moon makes me all emotional. Maybe it’s that I know it shines down on those I love, no matter where they are…a sort of connection?

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