Not nice

0940/9th January 2022

Last January I had a short obsession with ice.

Temperatures remained below freezing for such a long time, I began building a “sculpture” from blocks of ice that fell out of the bird baths each morning.

It was February 21st before a melt began.

By the 28th of February, the sculpture was gone but I discovered this curiosity one cold morning.

Somehow an ice funnel had formed.


It was great fun.

Until this morning, ice had not really featured much this year.

There was a fox in the ice on my window.

This year’s ice is the treacherous kind.

“Black ice” they call it in England.

Our pathway isn’t black, but is thick with ice.

There was a lack of enthusiasm for the morning walk.

Even Toby wasn’t game.

When the door opened, he ran out and skidded.

He quickly changed course and I met him at the porch door where he hastily scurried in.

“Not impressed!”

Swarm usually arrives with the Sun but they had given up waiting for it to appear and were shrieking that I should hurry up with their food.

A couple of starlings have been visiting lately:

“Freezing rain is not our preferred flying condition!” they complained.

Downy woodpecker spent a long moment contemplating the offering. Maybe just sheltering.

Refilling the feeders, I nearly slid off the porch.

This is the sort of ice that takes no prisoners.

Sheets of ice were forming over everything, coating twigs and weighing down branches

My poor tree!

My poor lilac!

When the sun shines on these conditions, it is a sight to behold. Alas it is so damaging.

The not so nice,


7 thoughts on “Not nice

  1. It hasn’t been that cold here. (Yet)
    You are welcome to that ice, Carolyn, especially the ‘black ice’ that we haven’t had in Beetley. (So far)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I see the fox! Be careful on that ice. It’s beautiful when it coats the trees and shrubs, but it’s dangerous and costly, too. I hope we don’t have a repeat of what we had in Texas last year. They are still adding to the number of deaths associated with that long ice storm and power outage.

  3. Loved the reaction of the wise cats… Stay safe and warm, my friends!
    Meanwhile I’m still looking forward to spring…

  4. Love the icy fox in your window! This is something we have never experienced – not nearly cold enough. It looks beautiful on the (poor) branches, but I think you’re very brave to go out and take pictures in these conditions! Be careful out there ❄️.

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