Good for fish

1440/9th January 2022

Even the wind chimes were cased in ice.

Later in the day, the temperature rose just above freezing and precipitation turned to rain, thankfully clearing ice from some trees and bushes.

And there was just enough warmth in the sinking Sun to dry them off before a very cold night set in.

As dangerous as an ice storm is, I remain a fan of Winter and it’s amazing images.

Returning daylight lit up many still-icy surfaces

As the day progressed, snow arrived in flurries

…with occasional bright intervals…

A flurry arrived as we passed the icy Hudson where a hawk searched for breakfast.

This morning we stuck to a more-travelled route, not wanting to brave the back roads.

At one point there was a diversion and we noticed that the lights were out. Ice weighs heavy on power lines.

As my weather App is fond of saying:

“Definitely not a good day for fishing”

It actually seems to say that every day!

Which is a good thing for fish.

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