Confusing Cambridge

1053/7th January 2022

Our little pals sit clamoring in the bushes:

“Seed! Seed! We need Seed!”

Which is provided daily.

You would think they’d allow a photograph.

Nope. The only pictures I get are sneaky ones.

This morning, in place of the sparrows, the snowbirds were all lined up, expectantly.

“We brought the snow!” they called, quite proud.

Juncos always come with snow, but they too are shy.

Somehow, in November I captured shots of these pert little chaps.

It wasn’t much, but they did bring snow then too.

Blackie’s appointment was at 9 o’clock and fortunately the snow was not yet a problem, but to be safe Grant took us the long way round, through the village.

We have a lot of devastated trees here. Some have been trimmed to accommodate power lines, but a few years ago there was a vicious storm that left trees uprooted and splintered. It was called a “micro-burst”.

From what one hears, we may expect more of the same.

*please note the sign says “Center Cambridge”

One day in the summer of 2019 we received a warning to take refuge in the basement, but by the time we actually read it, the storm had passed.

Interestingly, the cats seemed to have got the message because they were all downstairs.

Our new covered bridge over the Owl Kill creek and Cambridge Central High School (I think!)

After three years, I still find Cambridge a bit confusing.

Down this road is the Village of Cambridge, where Cambridge Valley Vet is located.

Poor Blackie wailed all the way there!

On the way back we passed the airport.

Yes, Cambridge has one.

Though I think not for jumbo-jets.

Here’s what confuses me….

The Town of White Creek is part of the Village of Cambridge?

Too bad I missed the sign here.

It says: “Cambridge Commercial District”.

This is it.

Hubbard Hall Center for Arts and Education.

From what I understand they have an impressive schedule of events, though I don’t know how Covid has affected them.

Next door there is a Mexican Restaurant.

A little further down, there is an Italian restaurant and a Chinese take-out.

Antique shop, bookshop and diner.

A law firm.

Blink and you will miss it.

Roads were getting messy, but the sander had been by

Coming up to the Town of Jackson

which is in the Town of Cambridge….?

Behind the trees there, is Maple Ridge.

Big old house with a big old barn. Sometimes they have art exhibits there.

Which brings us almost home, down Dr Brown Lane

*Remember up there at the start I said note the sign?

Center Cambridge is way off, literally in left field, or right, depending which way you are facing.

One thing it isn’t is in the center of anything.

The only thing that matters is that Blackie is fine.

Her lumps were measured, for future reference but deemed insignificant.

However she was greatly disturbed by her excursion and is taking refuge downstairs with Grant. Which is a little unfair, given that it was he who shoved her in the carrier!

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