Taking the Mickey

23rd December 2021

Working in an ever-expanding, disorganized international airport, for a dysfunctional airline results in a fair amount of stress.

At the time I was much younger but I also had quite a few other stressors.

“Well, one thing is good”, I used to say; “when I retire I shall be immune to stress.”

Hah! It doesn’t work that way, I was sad to discover.

Arriving at retirement I found that my poor nerves, far from being immune, had become super-sensitive.

In addition, although I had been accustomed to a great deal of noise, I found myself getting easily irritated by extraneous sound.

And odors. And things in general.

In consequence, small annoyances that crop up have greater effect than they once did.

Take for example a bill I received this morning from the company which processed numerous blood tests that were ordered by my rheumatologist .

Back in November I had a rant about the state of healthcare in the USA and I won’t take you through all that again. Suffice it to say I got mad.

Not because I had to pay the bill, but with a system that extorts vast amounts of money from people with a smoke-and-mirrors system that is so obviously corrupt.

The total bill was for some $900, but the amount I was charged, only $400.

“Yipee!” we are imagined to say. “Better pay that now while the offer is still good.”

Rubbish. My additional insurance is supposed to cover what Medicare won’t. But that’s not what happens.

It makes me want to thump someone.

Preferably whoever thought up this devious scheme.

When I am annoyed I get tongue-tied and having anyone “explain” the system to me would result in severe heartburn and an aching head.

So I paid the bill, filed it and muttered to myself until Grant told me to stop. “Let it go”, he said.

There is one good thing, though; on January 1st, with the new year, I shall be out of the “donut hole!”

A system that uses terms like that is just, as we say in England, “taking the Mickey”.

3 thoughts on “Taking the Mickey

  1. Health care and health insurance for profit will be forever effed up.
    Other systems may have various levels of inefficiency and inadequacy (primarily because they are underfunded) but in a for-profit system, it is inevitable and actually built-in.

    In any event – here’s to you!

  2. I don’t get upset easily … but medical aids upsets me quite often! And I get even more upset when they say “we’re here for you” 😡 … I don’t understand what they really mean with this!
    Well then, two more days to go to be out of the “donut hole” … cheers to that 😏.

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