Sasha Dee Dee pondering the New Year

Lily came with me to the lilac bush this morning and we had a serious talk with it.

“Don’t be putting out buds just yet!”

It’s going to happen again. Great enthusiasm in the garden for another early Spring. But look what happened to that last year…2020 that is:

“Look at us, look at us,” clamored the daffodils

Then on April 16th….

“Oh No!” said Willow as my lilac buds shriveled up.

A proper gardener might rush out to wrap the bushes up to protect the buds from late frost and snow.

But I am not.

We can only wait and watch what happens.

Which seems to be the way of things, these days.

Another misty morning.

The photograph, I decided makes a statement.

The dark, denuded trees are 2021

2022 lies beyond. The fields sunlit through a break in the clouds.

So that is my simple New Year’s wish for you:

May there be many breaks in the cloud.

9 thoughts on “Wishes

  1. Wishing you, Grant, and the kitties a Happy New Year, and especially wishing you a VERY HEALTHY, pain-free 2022. Thank you for your postings…..all your photos and narratives are a much-anticipated and enjoyed arrival in the In-box.

  2. Happy New Year C Smith… I always enjoy reading your blogs of your interesting past life and seeing the photos of your little piece of heaven that you have relocated to… tho for me maybe a little too rural! Hoping you stay healthy and your pre-existing ailments are not bothering you much anymore, and I wish you and all your companions a wonderful new year filled with more adventures! Bless you for caring for all the animals!

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