0730/27th December 2021

Yesterday I wrote about our grey forecast.

Having taken note of it’s gloomy outlook, I decided to make the best of a “brief period of sunshine” this morning.

While eating my oatmeal, I had noticed the movement of two banks of clouds, one coming from the North and the other from the West.

And a faint blue gap was opening up.

Enough to let some sun spots through.

Already things looked more cheery.

But turning my head:

“”Oh dear”, I said.

So I basked in a few more moments

With such open skies, you can always see the weather coming!

Bubbling up from between the hills

Though a change of wind can happen in a heartbeat

Which serves to remind, everything can change in a heartbeat. Forecasts and predictions are just that. The only thing that really counts is NOW.

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