1235/19th December 2021

Yesterday had started out gloomy and grey and as the day wore on a front seemed to be enclosing us like an encirclement of gloom 🙁

Photographing birds in the snow (or not) led me to cat crime and cat politics….

On days when I have no current photograph or phrase to inspire me, I’ve decided to dip at random into my archives of pictures that were not posted because something else came along in the meantime. After all, I quite often post photographs that are positively antique, so I scarcely think it will matter if I post something out of season?

For now, however, Nature provides.

Despite a grim start, the afternoon came good:

The room where I have my computer and also where I sleep, has large windows on two sides, facing South and East, so I am ever conscious of light.

In late afternoon a new cloud floating by encouraged me to go outside and I got quite excited.

The angle and texture of the sun’s rays highlighted the pattern depicted by evergreens and naked trees.

Something I had never noticed before in quite this way.

As the Sun sank, the clouds turned apricot pink and

as the light faded, a pretty Christmas card appeared:

Who needs to decorate? (The cats would make short work of it if we did.)

But the day wasn’t quite done.

“Come look!” said Grant around 7 pm

Let’s say I was vibrating from cold…

Then came a new day…

…another mysterious phenomena?

“Trick” photography?

Lest tomorrow proves uninspiring, I’m holding back a few snaps that were not a trick…..

But don’t get too excited….

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