Cat shrink

19th December 2021

As much as I love to see snow on the ground, our little wild friends have a hard time with it.

This morning we saw that a possum has been wandering about, no doubt searching for food, so Grant was dispatched to procure peanuts.

Not everyone likes possums, but they are good to have around as they eat things like TICKS!

At the Washington house, we had a whole family of possums:

The hardest part of leaving that house was saying goodbye to all those friends.

Mrs Plod came by at the beginning of summer last year, blind and deaf and half dead and she found peanuts that we had put out for the birds.

Thereafter, we made sure she always had a supply and of course it soon got out of hand as the squirrels, raccoons, skunks and larger birds began competing for this bonanza.

So when Mrs Plod finally disappeared the following October, we decided we should cut back seriously on the peanuts.

Perhaps this is why we have been boycotted by so many birds this year?

One can argue that feeding birds and the assortment of small creatures who take advantage of the nuts and seed, is not the right thing. They should survive on what they can find or their numbers will increase too much.

Sometimes feeders can become infected.

Our bird feeders are emptied every day and we keep a watchful eye on the birds that visit.

So much has been taken away from our wild creatures as mankind infests the planet, I feel the least we can do is give a token back.

Sentimental, soft-hearted. Yes, I have always been that.

What a sad planet it would be without these creatures.

As we had lunch, Grant noticed a couple of finches in their winter attire, on the porch. He urged me to get the camera which I told him would most certainly set them in flight. But I went for it anyway.

Then stood waiting for them to return.

And while I was doing that…..”Ohhh…I think I see evidence that someone has peed on that window…”

Yup. Someone did. So out came the cleaning kit.

Pee had run down into the windowsill. Grant tried to open the window but it was stuck. So that had to be dealt with. Then there was pee on the floor…

The finches didn’t come back to be photographed.

“Why?” we ask, “why do they do this?”

Every time we provide something fresh and new for them, it has to be christened.

“But why are you posting my picture?” asked Willow.

Butter wouldn’t melt. Right.

It’s the damn cat politics again.

Or the cat neuroses.

Lucy has a case number. Her problem is…well that’s good question. What is her problem?

She seems devoted to me, has to know where I am all the time but doesn’t necessarily need to sit on me or even next to me, just as long as she knows my proximity.

But woe betide any other cat that does want to sit with me. Last night she hurled abuse at Patches and when I interceded she went huffing off to her tree top.

Very soon forgotten, of course, by Lucy at least.

We say that it’s maybe because she has one eye and is a little insecure. Hmph. I think not.

Patches is so used to being abused, she just moves on.

But last night she stayed with me for cuddles.

Of all our cats, Patches is the one who most wants cuddles and just lately she has been asserting herself in this regard.

Which is partly why Willow chases her. Not because Willow wants cuddles. Euh. No! Just a little tickle now and then, on her terms.

But don’t you go near MY purson!

“And don’t sit by that radiator, because I may want it myself later.”



Observe the sequence of this maneuver:

That particular day it was cold, so Willow installed herself by the heater.

This afternoon: Not so much. She chased Patches off but then sat on the tree.

Why is my child so very, very wicked?

For one thing, she suffers with juniority. Only Blackie is more junior and Blackie has a whole other set of “issues”.

Willow just needs to assert her claim to things, most things, well everything, in fact.

Not that she necessarily wants everything. She just wants the right to everything.

Including possession of me.

Which is, of course, very endearing.

She had me all sorted out the first time she raised those eyes to me.

3 thoughts on “Cat shrink

  1. Keep on keepin’ on with the birds and little wildlife creatures…..and, of course, lovin’ those kitties. In my opinion? You’re livin’ the good life. A VERY good life as you take good care of all God’s creatures.

  2. Oh, the cat politics! I wouldn’t know where to touch and where to just look ☺️ … and nothing wrong with being soft-hearted (it makes me feel better – for them and for myself).

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