21st December 2021

The cats are less keen for a morning walk these days although Toby isn’t easily put off.

Sikkim has her heavy coat to keep her warm but in the absence of snow boots, she keeps to the path.

Yesterday, I captured pics of the finches..

…and a sparrow arriving for his lunch

Then I was drawn back outside and noticed this:

A few days ago I’d seen a hint of a snow bow. This one was perfect.

In the thin layer of cloud I saw a hand print.

Can you see it?

Not that I attribute meaning to it. I seem to perceive shapes everywhere. Even in the bathroom sink as I watch water trickle down to the drain.

It’s no wonder I sometimes have trouble focusing. My brain doesn’t always agree with my eyes.

Is such a thing possible?

Our sky was constantly busy yesterday

At 4 o’clock it took on the soft pastels of Winter

It was one of those days when I should have jumped in the car to chase the sunset:

It’s not like I couldn’t take a hint

The house faces East, so to view sunset involves relocation

It began to seem as if the sky was on fire

So why did I not chase the sunset? Well we tried to once and somehow the car kept ending up facing the wrong way, which was a bit frustrating. That same day happened to be a full moon and as we headed home, there it suddenly was, cresting the opposite horizon…which, as we progressed, kept disappearing from view. And that is why, as I mentioned a few days ago, I found myself walking up a dark country road and taking pictures through the trees to the consternation of a passing farmer.

So now, I enjoy what I know I can see. It was spectacular enough.

Now here’s the solstice morning.

Quite different but oh so lovely, in my view.

To me Winter is Peace.

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      1. Jimi came back inside after one minute. There was no snow, only a cold temperature (minus 4 degrees C.). I stayed indoors too and had an extra espresso… 😉

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