Exit November

0821/30th November 2021

The last day of November, another wonderful dawn.

It was a busy day, so I didn’t get to making a post.

It was the day of my latest epidural injection.

Nothing special about that, except maybe that it seems to have been the last option available.

But it took us back to Clifton Park where we discovered they had had almost no snow.

We got to follow the sun, now that it is on a short track

…from it’s rising above a thick layer of cloud…

High noon, Main Street, Greenwich. Sometimes this is a busy street. I like the wall art.

Crossing the Battenkill River

past the farm with the neat tree

Although it is bare, it retains a delicate texture and colour that make it very attractive, to me anyway.

Then I took pictures of two lovely horses and the two llamas that we always call “hi” to.

But they are out of focus, so I’m not posting them.

Not long after 2 pm, we were back on the road again and the sun was on it’s downward track…

The Hudson was awash with geese

…and a few Mallard ducks

Some of the geese were grazing…

…and some were off for other parts


Impressionist photography.

Indulge me. I liked the colours!

It had been a grey day…

..but the Sun seems always to break through before she sets.

Soon we were back to our snowy valley…

…which looked stark in the fading light.

In our travels we often spot a road leading off in some unknown direction. When we don’t have hungry cats waiting at home we go exploring, but not this day!

Grant’s favourite roads…empty!

At the bottom of our road, the pond is frozen so the terrapins will be in a state, not of hibernation, but brumation…slowed right down, but not asleep.

One likes to be precise.

6 thoughts on “Exit November

  1. I hope the epidural provides you with some pain relief. Love all the photos, but especially that “neat” tree. I do love bare trees, like I know you do as well.

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