Another of those beeping days…

0648/1st December 2021

Some days, you should really stay in bed.

Patches would have loved a few more cuddles.

But I saw pinkness through my window and I couldn’t resist. I should have taken this as my first clue.

Though it was some time before I got to take a look, my trash file is full of out-of-focus dawn shots.

It isn’t just my ineptitude as a photographer. Lately I can’t seem to see anything clearly and when I’m editing I have to squint.

Maybe it’s time for new glasses. Again.

Perhaps I should have used a bad headache as another clue. Not to utilize technical appliances of any kind.

Like Ralph for starters.

Maybe even Nature was offering a hint?

Having fed the cats, we sat down for our own breakfast only to be entertained by the sound of vomits.

Then, as I cleaned them up I decided Ralph should come out for a limited job, cleaning bird seed off a much-trodden mat.

Ralph was out two days ago and I’d decided to clean him up, removing the few detachable bits in order to extricate a surfeit of cats hairs and dust.

Erecting barriers to contain him, I pressed GO and went off to do other chores but I could tell from sound effects, lack thereof, that Ralph was having issues.

Basically, he was going round in circles and stalling.

After taking his bits apart and reinserting them firmly, I started him up again and went through this twice before deciding to seek help from the APP.

When I got my new phone, I decided to make it speak French, just for fun. But the only item which acknowledged this request was the Roomba app.

Now, when I was in boarding school “chez les religieuses”, this sort of technology did not exist and therefore neither did the terms that came with it, in English, French or any other language.

Consequently I gave myself a slight challenge, augmented by the fact that the script on my phone was very tiny.

At least Ralph had verbally announced the nature of the difficulty: “Error 14”.

Well yes, of course it was all to do with my efforts at keeping Ralph clean. No good deed goes unpunished.

It was particularly annoying that it was only when Grant came and growled at it that it decided “OK, all fixed now!” So off it went and now we’d decided he might as well do the whole job.

Whereupon Grant went off to the Post Office.

And Ralph stalled.

So by the time I got to stripping my bed and loading Hal (washing machine), I had already heard enough beeps and the morning was half shot.

The headache endured but it is said of me that I am “determined”, so I persisted, subjecting myself to Hal and all his protests. More beeps.

But it wasn’t all of that which aggravated my headache.

It was the sodding new phone.

All I want from a phone is to take and make calls.

But this is too much to ask.

Secretly, I think young people design these things to torment old folk.

A very dear friend of mine lives far away and his calls are valued, so it is very frustrating when the damnable new device plays tag, offering me screen after screen of rubbish that offers no possibility of accepting a call.

As soon as I heard the voice mail I knew it was bad news. Not unexpected, but losing a very beloved relative is devastating, no matter the circumstances.

Some calls are important. After a quick email my friend called back. Not that I really knew what words of comfort I could offer, but I needed to be able to try.

4 thoughts on “Another of those beeping days…

  1. Oh, I love your snowy photo’s!! I said to Berto just the other day, if my phone dies, I’m going back to those old Nokia’s (do you still get them I wondered) … I’m quite tired of all the technology (that I don’t understand, but my friend’s son of 20 think it’s the best thing ever 🤔).
    So, if I understand correctly … your house items got names … Ralph, Hal … interesting 😁.

    1. Grant called the washing machine Hal after the movie 2001 Space Odyssey. To activate the Roomba app I had to choose a name, so that’s where Ralph cme from…had to be something I might remember!

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