Snow be gone

0830/3rd December, 2021

An unseasonable thunderstorm last night put our lights out briefly, sent the cats diving for the basement and washed away most of the remaining snow.

According to the forecasts I have consulted, it is likely we shall see no further significant snow this year. Cold at night, but too warm during the day.

Unlike last December!

No ice in sight, on the Hudson:

This microscopic island had a “For Sale” sign displayed for most of last year. Did someone buy it? Grant thinks it was a joke.

Sun rays provided a photographic opportunity.

There was a lot of activity in this area during the revolutionary war…

..Saratoga Battlefield Monument on right.

Young, by European standards, I like knowing that Cambridge was settled in 1761.

It’s still a tiny community:

With a few old buildings. Grant thinks the antique store has a resident spirit.

Our tiny covered bridge is new…

…and our bookshop is fabulous.

Main Street, Cambridge, NY.

Headquarters of The Eagle, our local newspaper.

The day we arrived from the West Coast, I was so impressed that they had hung out a Union Jack for me!

In truth, it turns out the owner just likes flags.

Cambridge is divided into Town and Village.

My home is in the Town of Cambridge that incorporates Coila. Confused? Me too.

My road is just round that corner…

..past Maple Ridge

…and around that bend.

Not my house. Just my view.

While I like snow, there are so many others who don’t.

So I shall be happy for them.

6 thoughts on “Snow be gone

  1. Wow, what a beautiful town Carolyn … I love small towns and even more when it’s one with character!
    Oh, the thunderstorms – we are on our next adventure currently and are spending the next two days in the Golden Gate National Park (just beautiful), but woke up to a thunderstorm this morning … so, it seems no hiking in the mountains for us today!
    Oh, and I love your pictures of the sun rays coming through the clouds 🌟.

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