Frost 2021

0754/5th November 2021

Even before sunrise, we could see that the world had changed overnight.

No surprise, of course. One reads the projected nightly temperatures.

Yet there are so many variables in how it will appear.

Additionally, a different camera

What, exactly, makes frost so spikey?

Something to do with the dew-point, I suppose.

Each year, when frost comes, there is some different surface for it to cover, some new colour to highlight.

What of my poor frosted flowers?

Fiddleneck and Aster

What of poor Sweet Alyssa?

Grant persuaded me to take an early ride with him to Broadalbin, a two-hour round trip journey and by the time we returned our own little world had reverted, beneath a blazing, almost warm Sun.

Fiddleneck and Alyssa were doing fine.

Larkspur was never better! Which makes me suspect that this is actually an Alpine Delphinium. Mum would be pleased. She loved her delphiniums.

In fact, I’m rather taken with them myself.

Daisy was a little abashed, but considering how she started out, she’s made a brave recovery. Though sadly the buds are done;

And the wallflowers are losing their will to continue.

In the grass, I found another sad casualty.

But a little wild pansy cheered me up.

6 thoughts on “Frost 2021

  1. There’s the frost that kills the tender perennials and means no more basil. And then there’s the early morning frost that rimes the edges and furrows with white and stings the nose and then is long gone by mid-morning.

    Lovely pics.

    Liked by 1 person

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