0742/11th November 2021

It’s been 9 days since my last post. I’ve been busy on another minor medical adventure.

But major enough to put me back in hospital for 4 days.

You may remember how I loved that back in September.

No way I was going back. Ever.

So I felt a hypocrite, giving in just two months later.

The only reason I did was because I thought it unfair on Grant that he might have to handle a crisis if I stubbornly remained home.

Thus, last Sunday I said, in a very low voice “let’s go.”:(

It was a whole sequence of bad timing that I will explain in due course.

Poor Lucy was apparently distraught when Grant returned without me and it took her a couple of days to calm down when I returned.

It’s nice to know one is missed.

Willow took note of my absence but had to decide what attitude to adopt. “Oh, you’re back!” she said when I’d been home for two hours.

Secretly, I think she was pleased.

Another mouse lost it’s head while I was gone.

On the way home, Grant informed me that he’d heard sounds of it being thrown back up and guess who had the delight of cleaning that up!


Nature welcomed me with a beautiful dawn next day.

All is well. I am MUCH better. Just tired and my head is still a little foggy, so I shall come back a bit at a time.

First I have to confront overseas Christmas cards.

Oh no.

And if I’m going to do those, I might as well get the whole bloody lot done.

What a terrible attitude.

10 thoughts on “Hypocrite?

  1. Ah, there you are!! I was wondering whether I should sent a request out for “missing person” … sorry to hear you visited your least favourite place (again), but so glad you’re back home! I think, although the cats are trying to deny it, they are VERY happy you’re back home 😄.

  2. Good to hear you are home safe. I was worrying about you! I know all your cats are glad to have you back.

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