River Road

2nd November 2021

River Road runs along the Hudson from Schuylerville to a bridge at Stillwater where we cross over and continue along the river on the other side to Mechanicville where we shoot off to Clifton Park.

We have done this journey now in every season and it is never dull.

While Grant will always moan if the road is not clear, he was saying yesterday how restful he finds River Road.

It’s partly because we always have creatures to look out for, in particular the two alpacas you can perhaps see here. Most days we are lucky to see one, but lately we’ve seen them both and it may seem a small thing, but it always gives us a lift.

Maybe they have been enjoying the Indian Summer.

Grant has driven around a lot and knows far more routes than I. Often the one he takes is determined by the car in front. If he gets behind a slow poke, he’ll take the first opportunity to make a detour.

Of course this can back fire, as it did yesterday and then I have a private chuckle, or maybe not so private!

One route takes us past this big pond which is currently filled with geese, taking a rest on their journey south.

Hard to get a good picture from a (fast!) car.

Hudson River near Stillwater.

Orange is the prevalent colour of our Fall this year.

Purchasing a new keyboard has not had great affect on my typing dyslexia. My fingers, or maybe it’s my brain get the letters constantly in the wrong order. Bearing this in mind, I am reluctant to look for a better photo editing system.

So many of the most beautiful trees along the way are full of power lines. Some times I can edit them out, but mostly the image then just looks messy

This gives you an idea of the immensity of our sky.

When I first came to New York in 1964 I was rather overwhelmed by it. Now, I never tire of it but I do sometimes feel that a strong wind could blow us all away!

This day we headed to Malta and our route took us past Lake Saratoga

One of Grant’s slow pokes. We followed him a long way!

Lousy editing still looks bad even in a small image.

So far I’ve never caught a decent picture of the sun lighting up the pampas grasses.

Sometimes Grant takes a detour for no reason other than to see where it takes us. No disappointments so far.

Great empty vistas

Mile upon mile of harvested corn fields

Then we turned for home

As I said, lots of orange and no power lines here!

Late afternoon sun


Battenkill River

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