Futzed up…

1820/14th October 2021

At the end of a thoroughly gloomy day, suddenly distant clouds caught the setting sun and came alight, very briefly.

Though the heavy overcast persisted.

All day I’d been hearing geese calling as they passed overhead, hidden by heavy cloud. Just as night was falling I heard them again and there they were:

Heading to a nearby night stop.

One of our recent journeys took us past a small lake:

Typically, I had the wrong camera which had additionally somehow (?) got itself into completely the wrong mode.

So my photographs do not do justice to the huge assembly we saw. It seemed the geese were having a great frolick, hanging out, exchanging gossip. Perhaps it was their pre-departure party. I wished them safe travel.

It reminded me of one of my very favourite places, the World Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge, on the Severn Estuary in Gloucestershire.

These are the nene geese that were saved from extinction by Sir Peter Scott, son of Robert Falcon Scott, the Antarctic explorer.

Feeding the gentle nene geese and enjoying these wonderful birds that we came so close to losing was very special.


Apart from inadequate photographs of geese, my little “handbag camera” captured some images of a misty morning:

In the parking lot at Wilton, as I waited for another of those appointments. I found the colours and textures interesting.

Today’s got all off-track, a result of futzing about in the garden for too long. Then I spent too much time downloading pictures I took this morning.

This was one of them. I’ll save the rest for tomorrow.

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