Versatile !

0705/15th October 2021

At the rate I’m going, I shall never catch up.

Most mornings I race about, taking more photographs which I then take an age to download and edit.

That’s after I’ve read through all the blogs I follow.

Today I also made a diversion into online searching for shoes aimed at neuropathic feet. This I abandoned telling myself I can make do with what I’ve got.

The feet get agitated when I stand on them too much. The pins and needles, that are constant, flare up to the point of being annoying and creep up my legs, setting them on fire. But it’s not painful. It’s more like having a healthy sunburn.

Sometimes, my right foot feels as if it’s squelching through something thick and warm. It’s best not to try imagining what. And most of the time my feet feel wet. It’s all very bizarre but after 14 years I have grown used to it. Would special shoes help? It really doesn’t matter enough to spend time and money experimenting.


You see how easily I get distracted …

When I finally get around to my blog, on any given day I may find another mysterious change.

Last week suddenly, the type had enlarged. Had I done something to cause this? It didn’t seem so and I carried on, trying to remember after each paragraph to adjust the size. I considered trying to change my settings and then decided I might regret doing that. Just as well, since as of yesterday, everything has reverted even though the “line height” is still the same. There’s an explanation, I am certain, but I don’t wish to know it as it will just add to the clutter in my brain.


Yesterday really had a spectacular beginning.

Another version of a photograph I offered yesterday. I think I prefer the other as it includes a dew drop!

In the middle there, my little sugar maple that we transplanted last Fall. Happily it survived and thrives.

So many trees seem to have gone direct to bare. Fall has been fogged out, photographically, if not in fact.

The sun about to break the horizon…

Only to disappear above a bank of cloud.

So then I went back to photographing small things;

On the left, a poppy stalk, after the flower dropped. I attempted to provide a name for this but decided I didn’t have time to chase around for it. It’s a stalk. That used to display a California poppy.

Curiously attractive, in its own way.


The stalk this little bloom was on got bent and I thought that was sad, so I picked it and placed it in one of our water bowls.

Which should have a sign saying “Bees and insects”, which is why it’s full of rocks….so they won’t drown.

Other creatures drink there too. Of course.


It turns out the pink may not be my solitary zinnia:

The above is coming along too.


Dotty is heavily outnumbered now by Green & gang.

More swirly petals. Speaking of swirls…my friend Tim went to the Dior exhibit the other day at the BAM and raved about it. (Swirly dresses ?)

So this was yesterday. I haven’t even looked at today yet and it’s already getting late…

Which do you prefer?

So very versatile!

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  1. Oh, that’s a difficult choice … I like the bright colours on the left photo, but then again … there’s a mystery surrounding the picture on the right and that’s really beautiful! And I LOVE that photo with the sugar maple in the middle – pure autumn!

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