Bad advice?

Around 5 pm yesterday, the sun suddenly broke through, bathing all in golden light

At 7 am, trees materialized at the bottom of the lower field as if behind a scrim, while beyond the valley was once more cloaked in a thick curtain of fog.

A weather alert on my not-so-smart and soon-to-be-replaced phone caused me to glance at the Oracle which provided a giggle.

The people who compose this stuff must be ex-writers of soap operas.

Confession: I used to watch soap operas (just two). They were so mesmerizingly BAD. I happened to see the first ever episodes and somehow felt compelled to check in periodically to see what unbelievably ridiculous fate had befallen the characters. I grew old with many of them!

Anyway…the Oracle when I consulted it, had actually ceased to warn about the dangers of driving in limited visibility, never mind the still dense fog and was proclaiming instead:

“With weather like this, you should be outside and not staying indoors!”

“Conditions will be very good for outdoor activities!”


“Weather conditions create a lowered risk of catching a cold and will help to make colds less severe and of shorter duration.”

“Conditions are excellent for flying!”

“Conditions are excellent for driving!”

but sadly:

“Expect only fair conditions for fishing.”

In my day, fog was anathema to pilots, but these days with all the fancy technology perhaps you don’t need to see where you are going.

We enjoyed (maybe that’s the wrong word) aeroplanes with four engines. One goes wrong, you’ve still got three to rely on.

Then they went to three engines and some of us raised an eyebrow but took our chances anyway, since you often had no choice.

Now, mostly it’s two. You need to have serious confidence in that pair of engines. Sometimes up to 8 hours on just those two?

This was a busy week. Three days on the road, back and forth to appointments. The cats were not pleased about disrupted meal times.

As we passed along our winding rural roads, through the pervading mist, we viewed Fall.

Last year, the appalling 2020, had a spectacular Fall.

Somehow I felt this year would be different. the extended winter we had had, all the rain we got at the beginning of summer. I doubt the western wildfires can have affected our Fall foliage, but everyone knows Nature is not happy.

She still reminds us, in so many ways, of her grace as well as her displeasure and our foliage is still quite lovely, with its more muted display than last year.

If ever the sun will light it up for us!

For more than five minutes.





I hope my new phone won’t tell me what to do. I’m rather dreading it’s arrival, whenever that may be.

5 thoughts on “Bad advice?

    1. No. I worked for a major international airline and it gave me the enormous privilege of travelling at a very inexpensive rate. The only problem was that you only got to travel if the flights weren’t full, so there were stressful moments!

  1. My not-so-fancy-phone indicated this morning we will get some rain tomorrow morning … so, we decided to have a “braai” this evening … and guess what, it started to rain cats and dogs while we were outside 😬. My father used to say that you can’t trust technology, you need to trust your instinct … after many years, I tend to agree with him!
    Love your last photo – really spells autumn!

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