Nature in charge

0700/12th October 2021

It would have been a pretty sunrise this morning but the fog/mist still lingers, day after day.

Soon, instead of dew it will be frost and the world will have a different look.

The only problem I have with frost is that it makes manipulating the camera a bit awkward.

As far as I know, this plant is called “Angel’s hair”.

It always seems to get a head start on next year with new growth flourishing:

Note to self: Look up “How to care for Angel’s hair”.

A number of plants last year seemed anxious to get started on another growing season and I worried that the coming winter would do for them, but they all came through, so perhaps it really is best to let Nature do it’s thing and not interfere.

A short post today as I have to go off soon for another injection. Not a big deal but all this riding around to appointments consumes so much time!

The above reflects life for me right now. All tied up. One by one I plan to eliminate these various physicians from my calendar and let Nature takes its course with me!

4 thoughts on “Nature in charge

    1. So far, so good. It will be a week or so till I know for sure. I think the doc is tired of the sight of me, but he’s very nice I may have to say it’s good regardless!

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