Mind readers

Sasha, 21st September 2021

The escape artist.

Yesterday afternoon I went out to take pictures of the milkweed and when I came back, Sasha was loitering by the door. She can be very determined but it was too late in the day to be chasing walk-a-bout cats.

So I pushed inside saying “No, No, No!”

“Old cow!”, she muttered.

Willow is obsessed with paper, especially if it’s in bag form. I decided recently to try bamboo based paper products and I put the nice Cheeky Panda bag on the floor for my child.

Willow zeroed in on it, poking and prodding and sitting on it before declaring “it’s mine!”

Willow has a couple of bad habits.

One of them is chasing Sophia.

Shy Sophia has been coming out of her shell, a little at a time. Progress is painfully slow.

We see her roaming about these days, but she will only settle in her safe area by the fireplace where she can quickly dive beneath the sofa or a chair.

Sofia actually sleeps mostly on top of the sofa now, in a blanket-lined box.

Of late, we noticed that Sophia has befriended Lily who we’ve seen a couple of times sitting beside her on the back of the sofa.

So Grant decided to add another box beside Sophia’s, in the hope Lily would use it. A fine idea.

But these guys are cats.

Cats are mind-readers. Of this I have no doubt.

Lily does what Lily wants to do, at a time of her choosing and she mostly chooses to spend the day downstairs.

“Nice new box” she said to Sophia in passing.

And who has appropriated use of said new box?

Of course. Willow.

Though Sophia has not so far protested.

Meanwhile we are all set-up for Winter.

The house is a Chewy advert.

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