Avoiding Covid

19th September 2021

There were one or two (or ten) more conversations that took place behind my privacy curtain, that I would prefer not to have heard. I’ve worked hard to purge them forever from my brain.

One stuck, however.

“Gammy” woke, the day of my escape, with a weepy eye and a cough, which I paid no attention to, until I happened to overhear the words “vaccine” and “not”.

My roommate was not vaccinated and she was coughing and had a goopy eye.

Signs of possible Covid!

While I saw no point in panicking, it made me all the more determined to escape.

My roommate had also been admitted as an emergency. I had been asked whether I was vaccinated. Presumably if I’d said “no” I would have been tested?

The hospital had no way to separate vaccinated from non-vaccinated patients and they can’t refuse to treat someone who is not vaccinated.

But if I had caught the damn virus on top of everything else, I would be really mad!

It’s been 16 days since my escape…


Meanwhile, since I’m still on the same sad subject, consider this piece of nonsense:

Last Wednesday I had the staples removed. This required the one-time use of this set of tools.

As the doctor felt as I do about WASTE, she offered them to me and when I got home I had a look:

Made in Pakistan….

Packaged in Mexico?

Tell me how that can possibly be efficient or thrifty. In due course there will be an itemized bill and I shall find out the cost of these three “one-time” items.


Full moon, 20th September 2021


The day I rushed off to my fun frolic in hospital, I was scheduled for an acupuncture appointment which I was obliged to cancel at very short notice.

It’s not the sort of thing I do and I sent my practitioner an apology note. It turns out, she was not there herself.

She had tested positive for Covid and spent a very miserable week as well.

That virus does sneak it’s ugly head in. Even here.

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