0548/26th August 2021

More impressionist photography.

It was misty at 6 am, but also I was bleary-eyed and the camera lens was fogged up!

However I don’t dislike the result.

As I turned to go back indoors to my soft pillow, I noticed the moon brightly shining through the trees on it’s way to bed.

Some days, motivation is a little lacking!

But there is no chance eleven cats will allow you to sleep in. Someone will always be demanding breakfast.

Especially these two.

They play bowl swap until everyone is happy.


Then it’s off to another day….

In the garden some new flowers….purple survivor of groundhog savagery. I transplanted the sad remnant to a safer flower bed and was rewarded by this brave bloom. A Cape daisy, according to PlantNet.

The above grew from seed. Texas sage, a type of salvia. I had no idea sage was related to salvia! The leaves are heavily scented.

Also from the packet of mystery seeds:

The sweetly perfumed wallflowers thrive.

Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a large white creature beside the “waiting room” tree.

But I discovered it was just sumac leaves, twisting in the wind.

Which they do constantly as if animated.

Here’s a little local story:

Working at an airport, I learned early on that under no circumstances should you ever touch an item identified as US Mail. If you should notice such a thing, lying on a taxiway, as though fallen from a transport, you must report it to the authorities but touching it would be a Federal Offense.

This is something I have never forgotten.

Last year, sometime in the Spring, I believe I mentioned in a post that some unsent mail had been returned to me, having lain around for a full year.

A good-luck card, a birthday card and a card to a friend who was dying in hospital.

The first two got sent out with humorous notes attached. The latter I sadly threw away.

One of those strange occurrences that happen occasionally, that you dismiss and forget about.

Then recently, a neighbor told Grant that our Post Office was being investigated.

The story goes that some undisclosed volume of mail had been withheld in 2019-20, with the intention of discrediting the services of the US Postal Service.

In the hope, presumably, that people would be discouraged from voting by mail.

As far as I know, the investigation is on-going, though ours is a very small Post Office.

This all came as quite a surprise to us and if the intent was to discredit the US Postal Service, it seems to me a terrible risk to take for so little result.

A Federal Offense, after all.

Has anyone else heard similar stories?

3 thoughts on “Investigation

  1. Our Post Offices are a sad-sad case! I’ve posted a postcard to our home on our previous road trip we’ve done end of April. That was in Oudtshoorn … and is only 490km (304 miles) from our hometown … and guess what? Hmm, after 4 months I’m still waiting for that postcard 😬. I could have walked that distance in less than a month … but the Post Office seems to “hide” items for months or even years!
    Agh, let’s focus on something more positive, like your cats’ eyes – what beautiful colours they are!

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