A feather in the morning dew.

And many tangled webs .

A bit like my thoughts, today.

This one I considered from different angles:

The point was supposed to be that things look different when viewed from different perspective. I think they do, but I picked a poor example. Some things stink, whichever way you look at them.

To what do I refer?

Human nature.

Human greed.

Human fear.

Human depravity.

Human cruelty.

Human failure.

Really, I don’t much like my species.

They fill me with despair.

Pointless, it may be, for me to wring my hands or shed tears for unknown souls. I am here, safe and sound .

“What can I do?”


But I am unable to feel nothing.

A broken butterfly was in a flowerbed this morning, wings both torn. A very tiny tragedy but enough to put me over the edge.

And I learned the plight of the brave ex-Marine trying to leave Afghanistan with the dogs and cats he’s rescued, as well as the staff who cared for them. A special plane had been chartered, they only needed to be allowed access.

But after the bombings, it seems unlikely they will get through

Pets have no priority. So what will be their fate?

It really breaks my heart.

Mostly because none of these awful things ever needed to happen.

What kind of species are we?

7 thoughts on “Despair

  1. I have been following Pen/his staff and the critters as well…. And despair is what I feel over this situation… as well as to everything that is happening in Afghanistan. Hopes are for a good outcome, but that doesn’t look good. Prayers and good thoughts to all who are in harm’s way…. And you dear Carolyn and your compassionate heart for all living things….

  2. I’m a very positive person … but sometimes I just want to go to my bedroom, curl up and shut my eyes and ears to everything that’s happening in our world – and yes, caused by humans 😔.
    Let me then focus on the positive … love your feather with the morning dew. That’s such a pretty picture – thanks for sharing something so simple, yet so beautiful.

  3. If humans were a breed of dog we would be banned and bred out. As it is, we should be totally ashamed of ourselves, and it’s not “them” or “they”, or “someone”, it is all of us. In the case of Afghanistan I just hope that the generation who have known a relatively free society for the past 19 or 20 years will be able to effect a lasting change in their future society.

  4. I still have faith in humanity. Every human has kindness in them… we just lose our way in this world. I believe in the best for everything. Whether it’s Afghanistan, North Korea, Palestine or even the US. Sending prayers to everyone <3

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