Curse of the clover?

0703/25th August 2021

It didn’t even warrant a photograph.

And I take pictures of the most obscure things.

But I’ll get to that in a minute.



An obscure thing. What is it?

Even before I became a lady of a certain age, I dressed in long pants on all but the hottest days because my legs always feel cold.

So why today, of all days, I decided to haul on a pair of shorts, I really can’t say.

The sun burning off early mist at 7 o’clock wasn’t that warm and the mosquitoes were swarming….

…naked legs?

This is what happened.

SPLAT. What’s that?

Grant calls it COW. Cream of wheat.

It’s what he currently has for breakfast.

Why is it on the floor?

Our breakfast routine is a bit chaotic, what with pushy cats and butterflies about to pop and all those distractions.

Whoever gets to the microwave first sticks in their “cow”, if it’s Grant or oatmeal, if it’s me.

Today it was the “cow”. After 3 minutes, it was done.

So I opened the door and lifted the bowl by the rim, with my bare fingers, as always.

But today the “cow” hadn’t been stirred prior to nuking.

And it tipped, boiling milk and “cow” down my arm, onto my uncharacteristically bare legs and all over the floor in front of an amazed cat.

Thank you God she was not in the firing line.

Oh the drama! Toby had it in perspective. He wanted to know if breakfast was going to be further delayed.

Meanwhile Grant was freaking out. Not because his breakfast was on the floor.

“Oh my God! Run cold water on it! Quick!”

He stood there looking a bit shell shocked.

But see, having damaged nerves has it’s benefits. My legs felt nothing. After a minute or two my arm felt mildly scorched.

“It’s alright!” I kept saying and finally when I got a cloth out and started mopping the floor, Grant seemed to acknowledge that the world wasn’t going to end.

At least not this morning.

But he did blame the clover. Not this one. I found this recently. My aunt carried her four leaved clover around for decades. I’m amazed it hasn’t disintegrated more.

It turns out these things aren’t that rare, so in theory I ought to be able to find one out in my field. I wasn’t intending to look but as it happened I did find a two leaved clover.

It was a humble specimen and very small, so you will have to take my word for it, as there is no photograph.


Different angle. What is it?

Grant was frying eggs when I presented him with the two leaved clover.

“No!” he cried, holding up crossed fingers.

“It will be bad luck!”

Placing it on the windowsill, I looked up as the overhead light bulb suddenly burned out.

“You see!” said Grant.

Of course, I left it there and laughed as Grant proceeded to break an egg yolk and then watched his toast fly off his plate.

Once you believe in bad luck it starts to happen!

But as I told Grant, we really had good luck, because that was the night of the promised hurricane that did not materialize.

And perhaps I’m lucky I didn’t get scalded. It’s as if I’ve turned into asbestos! :[

What is really lucky is that none of the eleven cats was doused by the boiling liquid!

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