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1736/22nd July 2021

Rose of Sharon bloomed again today, so I dragged myself up there to get these shots. I still haven’t found a bug identifier. Is this a fruit fly? It’s a fly. It agreed to be photographed.

More like the camera agreed to take its picture. Some days I struggle to convince that thing what it is I wish to photograph. Or it has a mind of its own. Or my eyesight has gone wonky again.

Or I am a horrible photographer.

This morning being for a change sunny and not humid, I persuaded myself a little gardening was in order.

When it takes half my reserve of energy just to get to the garage for my tools, it’s not an encouraging sign.

Photography and gardening can’t be done simultaneously, I finally had to admit and I had already expended too much effort with the camera.

However, I pressed on, deciding to limit my efforts to something specific rather than running about here and there, which is what usually happens.

The path needed weeding. I mean what would the UPS man say if he noticed grass growing from the cracks?

It was a small enough task that took me around to the back door from which Grant suddenly emerged saying brightly “the laundry is ready for you to do your thing!”

“My thing” involves extracting an ecologically responsible soap-infused sheet from a box and throwing it on top. Hardly technical.

Declining the cup of tea he offered, I bent to my task as Grant withdrew calling out: “I put the softener in!”

We use felt balls these days, in lieu of softener, but until our bottle runs out, I guess Grant won’t get it.

Maybe he’s testing me.

When I came back in and was about to have my humble lunch, Hal (washing machine) began to beep “DONE!”

“It’s a good job you hadn’t sat down yet!” said Grant.

He got a dark look that was wasted.

He did offer me that cup of tea, earlier!

Fortunately, I had been taking in Nature, so I was not disposed to smashing things, as has been known to happen on those rare occasions when I get cross.

It is apparently premature, but I found Monarch caterpillars recently and although I haven’t devised a way to protect them, I go to check on them several times a day.

First I found the one on the left.

He disappeared but next day I found Junior, above.

Note the enormous poops, left.


Then I think it was the original one that re-appeared looking positively rotund, on the right.

But Junior vanished.

Next I found the above, which was either Junior after a good meal, or the Number One having re-located.


Let’s call it Number Three.

Three was very busy yesterday, swinging its head from side to side, which suggested weaving a chrysalis, but then it started moving up and down the stalk and I think it isn’t ready yet to become a pupa.

Last night it had vanished.

Maybe the reason my spine is extra sore these days is due to the amount of time I spend hanging my head under the milkweed looking for these guys!

Today “It” was back. I’m still calling this one Three.

Three was still very busy


This is the end product, so to speak, although in this case, I believe this must be the butterfly arriving from Mexico to lay its eggs to create caterpillars and so on.

It’s all very amazing.

And very hard to photograph.

My Monarch, though not Elizabeth Regina.

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  1. You had some excellent subjects posing for you today. The Monarch Caterpillar is so beautiful! I had an urge to reach out and pet him (or her).

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