Can’t we just share?

For once a dove got first dibs on breakfast and she was not about to share, flapping her wings at the squirrel

She did allow a sparrow to share.

“What’s poor squirrel to do, missus?”

“Carrots aren’t my thing.”

Don’t worry. He won’t starve.

And neither will they!

Everyone knows I feed the birds and try to help any other needy creature that comes by.

It’s one of my greatest pleasures, along with reading and music.

Most of the books I read are obtained second hand on Amazon and usually I buy them with my accumulated bonus points.

Music I stream inexpensively to my PC to from Amazon music.

In my entire life I have never smoked. I used to drink socially. I haven’t for years.

Expenditures for entertainment these days are nil. I don’t miss any of this stuff. It’s not a hardship to do without.

So why am I telling you all this?

It’s a mental dilemma, you see.

Or it is a moral dilemma?

Here’s the problem:

Mercy Corps has an appeal on Facebook for the 24 million people in Yemen whose lives are in chaos and are now facing a cholera outbreak, just to top it of. The question they ask is whether those people deserve help.

Well of course they damn well do.

What sort of question is that?

But I can’t help being pissed off, because when all hell broke loose in South Africa, who was stepping up to help those people? Not a soul.

It’s politics.

Of course. Rich politicians moving people around like chips on a game board, deciding everyone’s lives based on sorting out their own pathetic futures.

Then, when so many lives are destroyed, who is it that is supposed to help? The really cynical thing is, politicians would just as soon write those people off.

As long as there are enough left to do the menial work and vote at the next election.

What all those inept, self-interested bastards ought to do is get together in an arena and fight it out themselves.

Why should innocent people fight their battles? Or pay to fix their messes?

All most of us want is to be left alone to get on with life and for the majority it’s a struggle because the money we earn is extorted by our governments.

Simplistic, yes, I know.

It’s just that I am so, so tired of being asked for money to support people who are displaced because a few troublemakers stir up unnecessary fear and hatred and then sit back as societies fall to bits.

My heart is always going to be with animal causes because frankly I think they deserve it more.

At the same time, it has always troubled me to know that I have such a privileged life while so many billion suffer. I am haunted by the faces I have seen and those were a mere scattering.

Then I say to myself “instead of feeling guilty about what you’ve got, give it to those you feel so bad about.”

Instead of buying birdseed, send the money to…

who, exactly?

Because I know that in many cases the money does not reach the people who need it, but simply lines the pockets of the politicians who cause all these disasters in the first place.

Many cases, not all. But many charities have unreasonable administrative costs, so I am careful who I donate to.

These days my funds are limited, so I have no option but to bin most of the requests I receive and I try not to worry about it.

After all, one person cannot save the world.

Boy does it piss me off when I see people rocketing to the edge of space, just because they can.

To me, that is an immoral way to spend money.

Do I sound demented? Maybe I am.

8 thoughts on “Can’t we just share?

  1. I’m absolutely and whole heartedly with you on this post Carolyn! I can add nothing more to what you’ve said – I give to my local SPCA (animal welfare) and see the difference they make.
    Oh by the way, I love your close-up photo’s of the leaves with raindrops – it’s so pure and calm 🍃.

  2. No, you do not sound demented, you just sound like a concerned, rational, human being. It is so difficult now to know whether you are doing right, or good, by a lot of charitable acts. The issue nowadays is that we are so connected to everything that is happening around the world that it is easy to overlook things occurring on our own doorsteps. Is charity being used correctly and fairly? We just have no way of knowing.
    I use Kiva loans which lends small sums to individuals, or groups, to help them improve their own circumstances. There is very little administrative cost and, when paid back the money can be relent to others. It’s a great way to help people help themselves.
    Keep smiling Carolyn, and keep doing whatever you feel is right, when you can.

  3. So, I’m not the only one that is bothered by the money, IMHO, wasted on those mere minutes in space. I think of how far those funds could have gone to help starving, sick people all over the world and I just have to wonder what was actually gained. I know, I know……’s their money, not mine.

  4. Sorry, replied too soon! 🙂 It’s difficult to know which are the best charities to donate to as there are some which waste a lot of money on admin or even chief executive salaries. But there are good charities out there, I prefer the small ones with lower overheads. Or the ones where you can see what your money goes towards.

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