Nature paints

1653/15th June 2021





When the sky looks like this, I begin to get excited.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

…and at 1732….down came the rain…

…in torrents..

Captivated by the downpour, unbelievably, I didn’t notice the very wet deer down below!

But then…..

As so often happens, the sun broke through.

There must be something magical about that hill.

Seeing rays of light, I knew there would be a rainbow

The clouds were moving quickly…

1756…just 36 minutes of drama. But it wasn’t finished….

As long as there is still light, I know to keep an eye on the sky. This was at 2000 (8 pm)




Such thick cloud and yet at 2024, another gap opened up, lighting a distant hill…

…and painting steaks of red on the bases of lingering cloud.

Thinking the show was over, I’d come back in but 2 minutes later I went back out..

Oh, Holy cow…


Moments later it was dark. Nature had painted a visual picture of my emotions.

2 thoughts on “Nature paints

  1. I get exited too when the sky looks like that! There is something magical about the sun peeking through the clouds casting an orange sheet over the sky. My camera roll is filled with pictures like this.

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