Patience required…

1904/16th June 2021

Somewhere, I read that smoke from wildfires “out West” would reach us this week and certainly these clouds had a “toasted” look about them.

These past few days, however, even my camera has failed to cooperate.

Though perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the subjects have not been cooperative.

Case in point.


How does one capture images of butterflies? Is it because it was so windy yesterday, that they flitted about so? Or are they also shy of cameras?

One butterfly I saw yesterday was a stunner. It was basically orange, but at the top of each wing it had a dark brown spot which perfectly resembled a cat’s eyes. And beneath those “eyes” the pattern completed the perfect picture of a cat’s face.

Failing to get a photograph, I asked my computer what sort of butterfly it would have been but I came up empty. So now I have beetles that don’t exist, caterpillars no-one has heard of and now mysterious butterflies. I scan through all the photographs on line but can never find a match.

So very typical. Nothing normal ever seems to happen to me.


Maiden’s tears

This was a week of “mechanical failures”.

Though, to my astonishment and relief, the new air-conditioner was installed on Tuesday morning.

Apparently, paying the bill ahead of time added motivation.

A technique to remember, although I am not usually inclined to pay for those things until they are in hand.

“Who? Me?”


Back in January, after numerous frustrating efforts to locate the right person for the job, we got our well pump replaced.

Another piece of ancient technology I had inherited.

Mustn’t complain, though. I did end up with a new roof and that’s not nothing!

Baby grackles. There are babies everywhere!


There are various problems one can have with a well.

My aunt and uncle had one of the worst kind. Their well became contaminated. Not something you want to have happen to your drinking water.

A well can run dry, the water table can lower.

Electricity can fail. So far this year we’ve not needed the generator. That is a separate saga!

The new pump, however, has other “issues”.

Which I discovered one day when, hot and bothered I went to take a shower and found there was no water.

When this happens, at least now we know the routine.

Throw the circuit breaker (I thought that should be automatic?) Wait 10 minutes, flip it back.

That day, I had to flip the damn thing 6 times.

Promptly next morning, I called the installers of the new pump. Not realizing there was a cell number, I got through to the Dad, who is hard of hearing and basically just takes messages.

So I was not very encouraged to hear: “Ah ya, we’ll take care of that. What’s your name?” and nothing more.

But never mind. That evening I got a message from the son: he would be down first thing.

Which he was. We were impressed,

Except that a part has to be replaced and cannot be obtained till Monday. So for the foreseeable future, I shall be running back and forth to the electrical cupboard to re-set the breaker.

Remembering each time to close the doors because Dee Dee likes to explore and if she jumps inside, we may have to break down a wall to get her out.

Word Press had offered a minor challenge recently, by changing its format without notice or explanation. I worked with it, but I’m not sure if my blog is appearing the way it did.

To me, it seems to have shrunk.

What I didn’t realize however, until yesterday, when I happened to be looking at it, was that at least half of people’s comments were being re-routed into my spam folder. Why?

There’s a way around it, of course, but how is one to know these things when they happen randomly?

Anyway, I do apologize to anyone who asked a question and will not have received a prompt reply!


With Grant’s knee in a locked position, I have been allowed to drive my car. Of course, I can drive it an time I choose, in fact. But for a while my vision was decidedly wonky, so I was happy to be chauffeuerd. We shall see what happens on Tuesday when I at long last have my next appointment with pain management. Have I got a list for them. But only one body part can be dealt with at a time.

Patience is required…

8 thoughts on “Patience required…

  1. Hi Carolyn, I would love to share some information with you that I would be more comfortable leaving in a private place. My name is Wendy Olstad and my email is If you would be willing to email me so I could then get back to you I have something to share that might be of help in your next appointment that you referred to. I have been dealing with the same battle. Hope to hear from you. Blessings, Wendy

  2. Hi Carolyn, Went on a search for your butterfly and saw this (and if you turn it upside down, it does look like a cat with a soft nose). And even if it isn’t your butterfly, it was an interesting search. Hope you enjoy reading about them.

    Female (top) and male (bottom) Automeris io moths.

    … the io moth, or Automeris io, Haramaty’s favorite – a bright yellow one with two big black eyespots on its wings. She says that looking for moths can be really rewarding. For one thing, in the US, moths outnumber butterflies by about 15 species to one, not to mention that finding moths at night is pretty easy.

    The beautiful Io moth, Automeris io (Fabricius), is one of our most recognizable moths. It is distinctive because of its prominent hind wing eyespots. The Io moth, like many of the other saturniid moths, is less common now in parts of its range. With the exception of Cape Cod and some of the Massachusetts islands, it is now rare in New England where it was once common, and its populations have declined in the Gulf States (with the exception of Louisiana) since the 1970s (Manley 1993). The attractive Io moth caterpillar is also well-known because of its painful sting.
    PS. Hope this comes out as the space to write message is just showing the tops of letters typed…

    1. Thank you, Judy. Lovely moths. They are beautiful too. What I saw was definitely a butterfly. Never saw one like it before. We have a lot of milkweed this year so hopefully will see mire and maybe get some pics!

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