Sulfur cosmos, turning their heads to the morning sun. 12th June, 2021

"Midsummer draws nigh,"
He said with a sigh.

"What does that mean?
"Everything's so green,
"Only just,
"Looking robust!"

"It's the seasons", he said
With a shake of his head.
"Can you not learn,
"Your device to adjourn,
"And stop filling in vain
"All that stuff in your brain?
"Observing instead,
"The affect on your head,
Of knowledge gained
"And deeply ingrained,
"By the Wonder
"All asunder.

"The Natural World,
"Her flags unfurled,
"In the trees
"And the bees
'The creatures and birds
"The waves and the surge"
"Of the seas?
"The sky
"On high.
"Won't you try,
"Before it's too late
"To relate,
"To the mountains and fields
"And plentiful yields,
"Of yore. Way back when?

"Tick tock,
"The Doomsday clock.
"One hundred seconds mark the time
"When our decline
"Shall start.

"Who's to blame?
"What's his name?

"Not the snake.
"He taught not hate.

"What can we do
"To renew?

"Breed much less.
"Much, much less.
"Stop playing chess.
"Love much more.
"Much, much more.
"Stop making war.
"Stop making waste.
"Be in less haste.
"Will this set back the clock?
"No. There's more
"So much, much more
"To do.
"But who, will do
"These things?
"You and you and you.
"Everyone of you
"Must start to think anew
"How to do, how to live
"How to give.
"How to share
"How to be fair.
"And there.
"Is just a start...

"We all must play our part,
"We all must make a start.
"Take time to breathe,
"Start to leave
"So many broken ways.
"What good will be our wealth
"Our cash and gold
"Our full billfold,
"If we lose our health
"If our planet home is lost
"On Nature's vengeance tossed?"

Time for all of us to be responsible, in every and any way possible.

Plants, from the top: Sulfur cosmos, charlock mustard, 2 types of dogwood, bird’s foot trefoil, shrubby cinquefoil, common yarrow, and another dogwood, I believe.


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  1. The poetry is beautiful and so are the accompanying flowers. Yellow ones are my favorite.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I find they have recently been re-directed to my spam folder. I’m having one of those weeks where anything mechanical is being extremely tiresome!!! Yes, Peter, of course you can share!

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