1729/11th June, 2021

The a/c fix-it chap has accepted payment for the new air-conditioning unit, so now all we need is to have it installed…

In theory, and according to the Oracle, this means we shall suffer no more this summer, as temperatures for the next week will not rise above 80 F.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

If I’m complaining, it’s only because I was programmed that way. It’s the school of “anything that can go wrong will”…and “we will enjoy moaning about it”. That last bit was my father’s particular thing.

When you live around someone who does this constantly and especially if you are brought up with it, you regard it as normal.

When I left Cambodia, my classmates wrote in my autograph book and I was quite affronted when one of the comments read “Carolyn, the most complaining girl I ever met”. I was offended, not believing it to be true.

Then, years later, one of my supervisors, who I not only liked but had a mild crush on, told me I was a complainer!

So I began to pay attention, listening to people converse around the office. Some of them never stopped complaining. It was tiresome!

From that day I determined to be different!

What a lot of energy I saved!

Anyway, today is delightfully cool. Heavenly, in fact, and I cannot say that I suffered overly from the heatwave.

Except for the constant hum of fans and the howling gale they caused. For the benefit of the cats.

Never mind that poor Sophia reverted to being scared and running to hide because she now associates us with noisy typhoons.

Little Red and Big Grey had an altercation this morning. I think rude words were said.


Big Grey is miffed that Grant moved the bird feeders, to exclude his fat behind. And smart-ass Little Red sits there, surveying the World, like King Tut.

You can see how that would be annoying.


Just before dark last night, I was at the front window and noticed something that compelled me outside, where I found it was a feather.

Looking up, I saw there was a whole line of feathers 🙁

Another of my sweet friends gone to feed a hawk.

Murmuring a quiet mantra, and a soft “goodbye”, I picked up the feathers to add to my collection.

Soft in the head, I know.

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