Nature provided my topic for today, right on schedule, as in the past two years.

On 28th May, 2019, our first Spring in my new home, we were surprised one afternoon to see a white-tailed doe lying on her side, in the field below the house.

Unwell that day, I had been lying down and Grant kept bringing updates till finally I got up and had a look.

“Grant”, I said “I think she’s birthing a fawn” and a few minutes later up popped not one little head but two.

Right: May 28th 2019. Two babies!

Above: May 27th, 2020

We remembered the date of these blessed events and kept a watch on the field that has only in the past week returned to full foliage. I began to worry it might not be ready in time, just in case we should have a third birthing. We had been amazed when it happened a second time. Now, we are thinking that this must be the same doe and that this is her chosen birthing location. Certainly, it is very safe for her here.


Afterwards, the doe always stands and looks toward the house as if to say “See what I have done!”

She knows that we watch and I wonder does she sense, in some way, the goodwill we feel toward her and the love for her tiny baby, born in a cold downpour.

There is such intelligence in those eyes.

As she turned to leave, the doe looked back over her shoulder:

“We’ll be going now. See you later.”

And we always do, see them as they grow.

What a wonderful privilege.

Not the greatest photographs, but we didn’t dare to go outside and risk disturbing the new mama, so these were taken from the house.

This was on 30th May, 2019, the doe that had twins.

They were with her in the field, concealed in long grass but mama came up the hill briefly and stared at us.

Now, we await the groundhog babies. Mrs G is keeping them in their nest for now.

Last year’s babies were hooligans!

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  1. It must have been awesome moment to see the birth of these small roe deers babies. I love roe deers as long as they deep away from my garden. During the winter when we were away from our cottage they had eaten some of my trees 😏

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