Rodents – Friends

Tim, my pal in Brooklyn insists that squirrels are rodents and officially, he’s right. I don’t really care what anyone else calls them, I call them friend.

Little Red is in the middle of a molt and looks a bit tatty but she’s also recently had babies which perhaps contributed to her dishevelment.

Eating, to keep her supply of milk going has become ever more important.

It’s no wonder I am always short of time. I am forever photographing my friends.

Little Red has a lot of competition, what with all the birds and the big grey squirrels.

They get right into it. I am fascinated by the difference in these guys, although last year it was more noticeable. I don’t know if that fashion show moved on or if they just changed to more modest clothing.

Modest, but still beautiful.

We believed the bird feeders were squirrel proof, but I think there is no such thing:

Little Red has the technique down pat and sits happily munching. Big Grey is a klutz.

He has trouble with his centre of gravity. After all, he is 3 times the size of the wee one.

But he got it right in the end, by letting his long tail drape elegantly over the edge.

Yesterday after lunch, Grant commented that our Grey friends seemed to be having a day off. Not a one was in sight. No sooner were the words out of his mouth; there was a sudden rustling of bushes off to the left and there emerged what had the appearance of a land version of the Loch Ness monster.

One squirrel dashed out followed by another and another and another until there were five greys chasing each other up and down and round and round, into the bushes and out. They say if you want an animal to appear, you should think of it, bring it to mind. I can’t say for sure this technique is what so often seems to work for me, but yesterday’s manifestation was impressive. It was as if rehearsed.

Grant decided it was all to do with procreation and he felt the participants deserved encouragement, so he fetched out a jar of peanut butter.

Squirrels love peanuts. I think everyone knows this.

Last year we went overboard with the peanut thing, because not only do birds and squirrels love them.

Soon the groundhogs discovered them. And the skunk, and the possum (poor Mrs Plod) and the raccoons.

It got out of hand, so this year we’ve held off.

Now I’m wondering what plan Grant has for the pnb…

It was a huge hit.

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  1. I can’t wait to see Little Red bring her babies to the feeders. Is she the only red squirrel that comes around?

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