Blue clouds

1815/28th March 2021

At times, over the past few days, the world seemed really to have turned black and white.

Clouds rolled over us like thick wedges of cotton wool.

Yet….some colour is returning:

Only naked stalks, but you can see life re-awakening.

With the snow gone, I saw how the deer had kept themselves alive! I can’t think they found the yucca leaves very tasty or nutritious. But they are welcome.

The plant will recover. It grows like mad.

As do the “invasive species” which I see are already thriving.

What I now have a large crop of is spotted knapweed. In my driveway, which isn’t all that convenient.

It puts down thick tap roots and resists being pulled up, even at this early stage of its development.

Truth is, I don’t actually like pulling it up because it has pretty flowers. I just wish it wouldn’t grow quite so enthusiastically.

In Europe, of course, they are already busting out all over in tulips and daffodils and all manner of Spring flowers.

All I can brag about so far, is that the rodents apparently didn’t eat all my bulbs last Fall.

The funny thing is, to me these look like tulips, but I don’t remember having tulips in that bed.

But then my garden has always been a bit of a mystery.

There is a sign that the phlox may reappear.

Which will keep this little chap happy.

Sometimes our rain clouds are blue. Curiously, I don’t re-call noticing this particular tinge in any other part of the world. At times the sky looks bruised. As if a giant hauled off and bashed it.

A very thin layer of cloud, allowing blue eternity to shine through? But those certainly seemed like no-nonsense clouds and they did bring rain.

Last night there was no hope of viewing the “Worm Moon” through the dense dark layers, however the night before while I was looking at the wispy evening sky:


Officially, maybe not perfect, but I thought it looked Full. I had been out of touch with moon phases, so it was a rather lovely surprise.

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