Now you see them…

Remember those tulips that came up in my flower bed?

They are so starved for food, they fight each other:

Fur flies every day. Birds use it for their nests.

Tulips are poisonous to cats, but apparently not to deer.

How could I ever be mad at a face like this?

Not only hungry, but probably carrying a fawn.

It’s against the law to feed wild animals.

You’ve no idea how tempted I am to be a criminal.

Maybe I already am:

Who’s to say he didn’t dig that carrot up himself?

Maybe I shouldn’t have bird feeders on the ground.

It was to keep some food above the snow.

In addition to the two hanging off the porch.

Now it’s turned into a whole competition

The above little chap would appear to be an Eastern Fox Sparrow. The stripes on his belly confused me into thinking he was a Pine Siskin. I’m easily confused.

A friend of mine had a perfect system. For him the they were all “Little Brown Jobs”. I may adopt it myself.

It makes me sad is to see deer come to graze on leftover bird seed. The field where they sometimes graze has not yet recovered from Winter, though a few warm days will make a difference. Not that the immediate forecast is very encouraging.

It may even snow on Thursday.

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  1. I did not know tulips are poisonous to cats but not to deer… that was such an interesting fact! you learn something everyday. Very informative.

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