Toby is not daunted by snow.

He dons “M”‘s old coat and off he goes.

Dear old “M”. He was such a character.

He was the manager of my foster care.

Is there a point in posting pictures of pets long gone?

Is there a point to memorials, like this bunny which contains the ashes of Joely and Macy?

My walls are filled with pictures of every cat I was ever responsible for. I have many more in boxes.

How is it I can let go of human attachments, but find it impossible to let my many animal friends go?

It’s because they gave me love and joy and by holding them in my thoughts and heart, I keep them with me.

Even the loss of trees hurts my heart. This was a dear friend in my old garden in Washington. It came down on Father’s Day 2011. It was a magnificent tree.

On the way back from Wilton yesterday, we took a route that was closed for weeks due to bridge repairs.

Beside a field was an old, beat-up tree we always admired. It had suffered much in its long life, but it still sprouted leaves. It had seen much history. We were very saddened to see that it has been taken down. I always meant to take its picture:(

Here’s a pal I really hope I’ll never have to mourn!

Looking at the moon always brings me peace.

It links everyone and every creature I’ve ever loved.

It has been shining down on Earth since all our times began.

When a loved one is far away, I look up and think of them also looking up. Somehow it brings them closer.

And it makes a mockery of “time” and so much that we cling to. Our existence is ephemeral.

What brought me to this downbeat state? A little orange jacket in the snow.

Obviously, I must be more mindful of my “triggers”!

4 thoughts on “Triggers

  1. Ah, I love the coat! I still dream of our two cocker spaniels (gone already for 6 years) and cannot through their little collars away … they loved us unconditionally 💌

    1. I still have an old collar and harness from my cat Yeti (as in Yetismith) . I lived many years with cocker spaniels. I have a great fondness for them.

  2. I still think of all my past pets and every time I take on a new animal I wonder why I do this to myself but I will always give a home to an animal in need and will always lose my heart to them in a way I never have with humans. Trees to touch us just wish everyone felt this way, the world would be a better place. 🌻

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