Red owl ?

If starting over were an option, one thing I would pay a whole lot more attention to would be light and the way it manifests in the natural world.

This would have been a better photograph if I could have gone outside to take it, but see… can’t disturb the dear deer!

Not that I didn’t appreciate light when I was young. I certainly did. Being the child of a photographer/artist one was bound to, but when I came to live in the country, after years in American suburbia, a whole new area of my brain seemed to open up.

A clear blue sky had us out cruising the other day.

Under a cloudless sky, light may be described as harsh, but the way a Winter landscape reflects it creates textures highlighting whatever colour it finds.


Or so it seems to me.

Overnight’s hard frost yesterday, brought dawn magic.

While running around, I suddenly remembered the garage door windows:

Later on, some woodpeckers came to pose for me:

…and a red cardinal did an owl impression, or maybe a back-to-front bird?

But I cannot leave you without the latest ice sculpture (it’s been upgraded) pictures:

Latest appearance is not sunlit….


…it’s snowing again….

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