Weekend on the road

It’s been so nice to have sunny days after so much gloom, it seemed a shame to stay indoors, so we put more miles on the car.

At Lake Cossayuna, we saw people ice fishing.

It’s been quite cold, I would guess in the 20’s F. -6 C

Although the Oracle would have me believe it is way colder.

And I know that’s not true because I haven’t had to get out my polar gear. Really, I don’t like being cold.

It is true that temperatures vary quite a bit depending where you are. My part of Cambridge is a few degrees warmer than further down the valley.

People who live along the ice-covered Hudson must be feeling a bit nippy these days.

But especially with the sun so bright, Winter is so beautiful!

There are lots of little homes around the lake which must be mostly Summer cottages. Probably a lot busier then.

We will be taking many of the same drives in different seasons. Up here we have a raft of mini-seasons between all the regulars and the scenery is ever-changing.

A random avenue of trees. A few weeks from now it will start to change when the first hint of Spring emerges.

Another of the many lakes. I didn’t notice the memorial until I saw the photo, so I don’t know who it is for.

Given the size of lakes in this part of the world, I’m not sure that one even counts. Perhaps it’s only classed a pond! or a Mini Lake (vs Great)

It is surrounded by interesting trees. Of course, I think all trees are fascinating.

New York can’t compare to Minnesota, but we seem to have a lot of water here too.

Who says Winter is all black and white?

This, I believe, is the Battenkill, not far from home.

And this is the “Goose Pond”, so-called as that’s where they congregate. When it’s not frozen.

Monday it Internet Service Provider changeover-day. Not that my current provider is aware. I’m not about to let them go until I see a cable from the new service installed…….

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  1. I’m also one for warmer temperatures (today, here on the West Coast of South Africa, it is a glorious 30 ºC , I think that’s around 86 F) … but your photo’s of the frozen snow-covered lakes (or ponds 😉) are still beautiful!

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