21st January, 2021

According to my (very fallible) Oracle, this is what 9% chance of precipitation looks like. As the hill opposite disappeared, I wondered what 100% would look like!

The weather has been playing with us for days now.

Every night it snows and every day lately we’ve had flurries but nothing that amounts to much.

Amazing clouds, amazing light shows.

Late yesterday the sun broke through, but still huge snow clouds surrounded us.

There’s never a cloud I won’t photograph and I captured the moon for good measure:

Late rays lit up the tops of trees down the road.

It was like a battle taking place around us…

…changing from moment to moment…

…as the wind joined the battle…

…and the sun completed it’s daily journey.

Predictions are something I never attempt. Sometimes, with enough information, I may offer a best guess, but as to the Future…..all I can do is hope.

To quote the impressive Amanda Gorman:

"There is always  light
If you're brave enough to see it
If you're brave enough to be it."

These are the young who give me hope. As I listened to her yesterday, I believed I may well be watching a future president.

I am not a brave person, but I hope I shall always be able to see the light.

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