Ring of Fire

Long ago sunrise, somewhere in Indonesia

With so much unhappiness and negativity still in evidence, I thought I would post some cheerful faces I was privileged to meet, long ago.

This young lad was an absolute charmer. He seemed genuinely happy to have the chance to talk to us, not because he hoped we’d give him anything. Although Tim did present him with a World’s Favourite pin!

Who could resist this little face?

The ship that took us to Irian Jaya/West Papua made numerous stops in the very diverse islands of Indonesia. These children were at Banda Besar

Indonesia is in the so-called Ring of Fire. Many years ago, there was a BBC/PBS television series by that name, which was an account of the 10-year odyssey of brothers Lorne and Lawrence Blair, in which they travelled throughout this mysterious and fascinating part of the world.

If you are interested in their incredible story, the book, by the same title is still available. It was exciting to follow their path through these wonderful islands.

Some episodes of the series are available on YouTube.

It had never occurred to me that the peoples of these many islands would be so diverse.

How cute were these little school boys!

Traditional dances were performed for our benefit, and the children seemed enthralled:

A number of the islands had been occupied by the Portugese, as represented by the helmets some of the male dancers wore.

We didn’t see lady dancers here.

But we did here. This was at Amarsakaru, Gorong.

Where we also saw this little boy selling dried fish, and other goodies that were wrapped in palm fronds.

The fabrics on the different islands were also very diverse and very attractive.

At Banda Naira, this gentleman seemed to be feeling cold!

Everyone seemed to chain smoke, often clove cigarettes that had a very distinct scent.

This rather scruffy looking freighter arrived next to us with Indonesian pop music blaring over a loud speaker. Maybe that’s how they announced their arrival.

These guys were more conservative.

Banda Naira. Traditional canoe. They have annual races.

Fish and more fish. A very large part of an island diet.

And more goodies in palm frond. No plastic! Hopefully this is still true, though I wouldn’t count on it.

Indonesian food is delicious, but I think the chili sauce here may have been a tad over-powering.

Skipjack tuna/Katsuwonus pelamis (apparently)

Food shopping in Banda Naira

…and we still had a long way to go……

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