Dear old friends

Thimphu and Joely (bunny) a bit surprised

The day has been a little distracted, being that I really couldn’t not watch the transition in Washington DC.

So I decided to look for a random photograph, taken in January of a random year. Most turned out to be other people’s photos, or ones that evoked a sad memory.

But this, I thought was just the thing.

13th January 2012. Back then I was in Washington State. I had two bunnies, Joely and Macy. I had begun taking fosters and Lucy had already inveigled her way upstairs. That’s her with the dark brown ears.

Cisco is the big guy. Thimphu the tiny guy.

One evening I picked up a new bag of kibble to take down to the foster-suite, and the bottom fell out.

As you can see, I had help cleaning up, but as I had no containers, I had to put the kibble in vases. Good job I’d kept them. Although I think Cisco and Lucy would have scoffed the lot.

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