Poem for Little Red

18th January 2021
Little red creature
Oh so small
Little red creature
Just a wee ball.
Of rusty red fluff.
He has tiny cheeks
 He fills till they puff.
Where you been Little Red?
We worried and fretted
Afeard you were dead!
Perhaps all this time
You were snug in your bed?
Snoring and dreaming
Of little Miss Red?

Did hunger pangs drag you
Out in the cold?
Did an empty tummy
Make you so bold?
Chasing the birds
Away from their food
Putting the grey boys
In a really bad mood!

So glad you're back
Living under my hedge
Every day taking breakfast
On my porch, at the edge,
Whence you can flee
With the speed of an arrow
Should you happen to see
The threatening shadow
Of that other Red,
The one with talons.
I've asked him not 
To feed on my friends,
But he'd only say
"That just depends
How hungry I happen to be that day."

Adirondack Red Squirrel. Another of my friends. So glad he’s back!

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