Nature’s decorations

Deer tracks

In late afternoon, snow tapered off and the sun came out to reveal a changed world.

That’s our driveway. Somewhere.

Finally, I heard a truck outside and a harried looking man came jogging down the path Grant had cleared.

Calling out “hi”, I went to the door as he almost fell through it, out of breath and clothed only in jeans, boots and a t-shirt, despite 20-degree temperatures.

You do get hot, moving snow and he had been at it all day. He had already created a version of the Alps at the end of the drive and he wanted to know where to put the rest. “Grant!” (How should I know?)

One got the sense of a man not quite happy in his job!

He had said to us, when we finally made contact last month, that he would be quite happy if it didn’t snow at all this winter. But what he got was the biggest snowfall in over a decade. Oh dear.

You can just see my roof behind the snow pile.

Just as well we’ve only the one vehicle.

Grant dug a path in font of the second door for our heated water bowl and a spot where we can leave a bit of grain for whoever wants it.

Mostly, no doubt, it will be those rude crows who swear at me and refuse to be photographed. Quite the rudest corvids I ever met. I guess someone ruffled their feathers. But it wasn’t me!

Friendship is all I ask, but after 2 years, no progress.

By sunset, everything had settled into silence:

And the great stillness that comes after snowfall.

After dark, deer came seeking whatever they could find, making deep tracks as they broke through.

“It’s Nature” and I’m not supposed to fret, but how could I not feel sorry for them?

Yesterday at dawn, we couldn’t see beyond the porch. This morning’s early light gave us another version of the spectacle.

Thoughtlessly, I’d gone crashing out through the frozen front door to take these pictures, and scared some deer that were by the house:

They fled up the hill , (on the right). I’m an idiot.


Are these not well-decorated Christmas trees?

Knowing that we could at least get out this morning, Grant went off to the post office before once more getting to work with the snow blower:

He says if this happens again, he’s moving to Florida.

I just took pictures of birds and cats….

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