Snow frolick

Inevitably, sometimes, they have to get it right.

Even if their weather maps were misleading.

Snow started around 10pm last night and continued until early afternoon, dumping 31 inches on us.

Others, nearby had more snow and colder temperatures.

At dawn, Grant was energized by so much snow.

Less than enthused myself, by things in general, I asked if he could tone down the cheer and he said he was just “putting up a good front”.

He had barely downed 2 bits of toast and some coffee before he was out the door shoveling and revving up the snow blower.

It was a lot of work that I am unable to assist with and I hate being useless, so I made other efforts:

My major concern was for the wildlife.

Our bolshie little friends in the bushes were getting quite twitchy as the snow level got dangerously near the top of their perches. I’m sure they blame me for it.


Appropriately, I suppose, Juncos, also known as snowbirds, had arrived by the dozen and they were flopping about in the soft powdery stuff.

So I swept off the porch and refilled the bird feeders, then threw a mat out over the snow on the back patio so the poor things had somewhere to sit.

They were happy to accept the seed and peanuts on offer, but before the door was even closed, it was all covered by another layer of snow.

However the Juncos managed to dig through it.

This provided great entertainment for Willow, who had been so excited at the prospect of snow.

And Sasha got in on the act as well:

Not a squirrel or deer in sight, and I worry about them but I know they will mostly survive without my help.

When taking pictures, I noticed a shape under the trees and wondered if it was an animal, so I snapped a shot:

For once it wasn’t just a leaf or random twig:

2 mourning doves were huddled up together.

Willow didn’t worry them and they soon arrived for a feed.

So the child decided to see what Toby was missing.

He was so overwhelmed by Grant’s efforts, he had to take a nap.

He was less than impressed this morning when I opened the door.

The Grand Canyon of Cambridge.

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