Ongoing event

This could turn into a never-ending photographic event. Day three and the forecast has changed:

The “oracle” on my cellphone has moved Monday’s expected warmer temperatures with rain, to freezing temperatures and, – snow. Ah.

Rain is moved to Thursday, so it says.

That could make for less attractive images, but they could prove interesting, none-the-less.

We await developments.


Grant has gone out in his waders to make an attempt at clearing the roof, jeopardized by a serious weight of snow and ice.

It felt criminal to break such works of art, but the weight they are attached to can pull shingles off the roof.

So this was the man’s morning mission:

My job? Provide lunch for the cats. I can do that.

OK, so that’s done, but in looking for Blackie, who is frightened by the above sound effects, I grovelled around on the floor searching under chairs and sofas, to discover not Blackie , but serious cleaning needing to be done. Damn. Why didn’t I check all the “hidey” boxes first?

Having numerous cats guarantees “stuff” under the furniture, so I know it’s there, but I’ve adopted the philosophy that if I don’t see it, it isn’t.

For someone who was once a neat-freak, I’ve come a long way. I’ve had to modify my requirements.

Otherwise I wouldn’t have a moment to myself.

Photographs wouldn’t get taken.

With photographic events such as the one we currently have, photographs themselves are taking up a lot of my time, editing and weeding out. I confess, I don’t do nearly enough of the latter and soon I shall have to devote an entire day or more to cutting down the inventory, particularly if Nature keeps providing additional challenges:

You see what I mean. And I didn’t even get to the bird and cat pictures yet…

For anyone who doesn’t like snow, I have some warmer pictures in mind, whenever these run out…

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      1. Glad you like our blog … if you really want to have a good travel story, have a look at our Camino stories in Spain and Portugal … you might enjoy the walk (without the blisters in the end 😉)

  1. I have a good friend who is Portugese and did that walk a couple of years ago. I’ve read about it too, so I know it’s special but I will look for your story too. Spain and Portugal are two places (among many) that I never got to, sadly.

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