Grant’s emporium

Grant came dancing from the kitchen last night, looking very pleased and announced:

“I’ve just got another free machine!”

Groan. “Where’s this one?”


“Does it work?”

“Don’t know.”

“So you’re driving all the way to Schenectady to take someone’s junk off them?”

“I’ll do the shopping on the way home.”


Welcome to Grant’s Emporium.

There he is fixing his latest acquisition.

It’s almost as ancient as me.

But he got it to work.

It’s a Montgomery Ward “Signature”.

Till three years ago, Grant had never touched a sewing machine. I had bought one in a mad moment, but I never did get on with sewing machines.

Too much fiddly stuff and what with arthritic fingers and failing eyesight, I quickly lost patience.

So Grant inherited it and taught himself to sew.

Now he’s got 10 machines. The one he got on Friday worked fine after he oiled it, so he it returned to its previous owner who was most appreciative.

Otherwise, I suppose he would now have 11 machines.

Five of them are set up for use and each does something different.

So instead of having to pull thread out and change settings and so on, Grant simply changes seats.

Which I suppose makes sense, as time is money.

Grant designs his own items, measures everything precisely and sews them together meticulously.

The single negative comment he received was from someone who said the item wasn’t large enough. You list the dimensions but you can’t force people to read!

Grant made his own work table, to suit his height and needs.

It all makes perfect sense to him.

He used to be a contractor.

He likes creating things.

Ruck sacks and carriers for outside gear.

He constantly comes up with something different.

His items are on Etsy.

Not bad for a chap who never sewed a stitch till 3 years ago. He’s done well.

But I think he’s starting to seem like a hoarder!

3 thoughts on “Grant’s emporium

  1. For a hoarder, he’s very tidy (smiley face)… How fun to have something he loves to do and able to do it from home.
    Your gift of observation and writing (and taking photographs) is a wonderful gift. Letting us in your memories of the past, your travels, your family long gone and your cat family set a lot of us on our own memory trips. And you inspire me to look around more and see the beauty of the changing world in my own neighborhood.

  2. Yeah for Grant! I love to see men do untraditional things. My friend John is an avid beautiful quilt maker! Keep up the fine work!

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