It’s been a long week. Too many appointments, too much running around. My brain is tired.

A week off cats and technology wouldn’t be bad about now.

Though I readily acknowledge that I am so lucky that this is all I require.

These days I am sure just about everyone is suffering for mental fatigue. Covid has laid so many low.

But it’s not Covid that’s worn out my brain.

If I had ever taken a political science course, I wonder if I could better understand what has happened in the United States this past year. These past four years, in fact.

But I never did. I was in college in the late 60’s and in spite of all the upheaval that went on back then, I was never tempted by “poly-sci”.

It seemed to me those people were always angry and argumentative.

In my innocence, I believed that people would benefit from knowing about those who were different, that with understanding would come cooperation and a better world.

My anthropology professor apparently realized my naivete and sought to save me from disillusion. He told me that philosophers would save the world, not anthropologists.

I did not rush off to take philosophy courses. I believed in the value of understanding other people.

In fact, I still do. The problem being that so many are simply not interested in those who are different.

But that’s not why my brain is worn out.

An anthropology degree did not prepare me to understand the developments of the past four years. I’m not sure anything would have.

A two-party system does not, apparently create an efficient Government. It could, in an ideal world.

But obviously, the ideal world is a thing of dreams.

And our two-party system is too divisive.

Particularly when we elect a president who, far from attempting to cooperate or compromise with his opposing party, makes it plain that he despises them.

Which makes it understandable, I suppose, that said party put so much energy into the attempt to oust him.

Personally, I would have been less disturbed if that president had been able to deliver a coherent speech.

But hearing his daily rant unsettled me badly.

How could the leader of the Free World be so uncouth?

Perhaps I was too sensitive. Maybe it was right for him to say straight out what he thought and so what, if he stepped on foreign toes?

Even that argument I could buy, if he could have delivered a single sensible sentence. But it never happened.

And so, for the past four years, I would wake each day wondering “what will he do today?’

Yes, he really got on my nerves, into my head.

Thank God for Mr Katz, whose blog put things into perspective for me. I’ve said it before, you helped a lot of people, Jon. We are very grateful.

( https://www.bedlamfarm.com/ )

We always knew, because he prepared us for it, that the election would be contested.

So it was no surprise and I suppose we also knew that it wouldn’t end there.

But I am so ready for the clown show to end.

It really feels a bit like Whack-a-mole.

He just won’t go away.

There is no TV in my house and I try to avoid all the embarrassing daily flailing of a man who seems not to understand the meaning of dignity.

Politics aside, how inappropriately is it for a man in his position to behave? It verges on sedition.

As much as I try to ignore him, I am beginning to wonder it I need to be lobotomized.

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