Drive by shooting?

Grant persuaded me this morning to take a wee ride and I used the opportunity to do some drive-by shooting. As it were.

Photos, that is.

Not ideal, shooting from a moving vehicle,

as I’ve said before, but one tries.

Even if some of the images are unconventional.

We ventured to Jo-Ann’s across the Hudson River.

Grant needed thread. I browsed and found an item for $10 that I settled on. Inevitably, it was made in China.

If it had been made in the USA, I would happily have paid $20 for it. Maybe even the more realistic $30.

I can’t get my head around the idea of so much stuff being transported half way round the world and it’s still less than half what it would cost, made here.

God forgive me, if I have ever bought anything that was manufactured in a sweatshop or by child labor.

How can one know?

It gives me the horrors to think about.

It was easy, at first, to be noble and decline to purchase goods from China.

As I’ve said before, I have no issue with the people of China.

Only with their government.

Who I consider to be EVIL.

And dangerous.

Contrary to what some people have been led to believe,

I am certain that Mr Biden will not be inviting the Chinese to march down Main Street anytime soon.

But I do think they bear watching, carefully.

They have a formidable history.

While I used to manage very well without purchasing products from China,

pretty soon, I discovered, one could not avoid them.

As quality improved so did the demand and now;

it’s like trying to ban plastic from your house.

It can’t be done.

This is seriously troubling, in my view.

Somehow I feel my generation is to blame.

We grew up right after WW2.

Building a new world from the ashes.

How many new beginnings does mankind need?

How many times must we be taught the same lesson?

Here’s a shocking fact: The two World Wars and the Spanish ‘flu reduced the earth’s population by 175 million.

If ever there was a time to sort things out, it would have been when our numbers were down.

As a teenager I vaguely recall the occasional mention of population control, like the quiet whisper of an inconvenient fact.

Then, it seemed, it was swept away. Not going to worry about that, then.

Ironically, it was the Chinese government who did the right thing – my opinion and it isn’t popular, I know.

For many years, Chinese families were mandated to having only one child.

But you don’t want to be the only nation applying such a restriction!

Now, it seems, the Chinese have become accustomed to the idea of one child and my generation is aging and shrinking.

Now Chinese ladies are encouraged to have a second child, and don’t want to.

How perverse are human beings?

I am a very simple person.

I like to reduce things to basics.

The only way human beings can live in peace,

is by reducing our numbers.

The planet cannot sustain so many.

That’s as basic as it gets.

The real reason I am grateful to have been born on 1948,

is because I am terrified of the future.

And I am basically a coward.

Isn’t it interesting where one simple thought can lead you?

Don’t mind me.

I’m also the eternal pessimist.

3 thoughts on “Drive by shooting?

  1. Even eternal optimists are having a deal of pessimism creep in now. We humans seem incapable of doing the things that are necessary to reverse global warming, clean up the planet and change to sustainable foodstuffs.

  2. Really beautiful photos, Carolyn. Nicely done. It seems the “drive by approach” is effective. Thank you and thanks for the commentary. Just an aside – I do agree that limiting population growth is wise and necessary but the problem in China was that it led to a prejudice against girl babies being kept by the families. They are paying for that now. We do have an abundance of limitations, we humans, in the way we see the world. It always seems to come back and bite us in the butt. I very much appreciate your blog. Take good care.

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