Our boy Toby

Dear Toby. He’s our only male cat now. He is so photogenic and he’s just lovely.

The “shape” is one of his favourite perches

He has a few!

He always seems surprised when I take his picture, almost as if he’s shy.

Two of his early pictures, back in Washington. Grant brought him to me after I lost my main man Panther.


We all missed Panther so much. There was a big gap in our world.

I’m not sure the girls really cared if they had another boy companion! They just looked at Toby and said “well alright what’s one more?” I’d had a lot of comings and goings.

I was in deep mourning for Panther, but Toby is such an easy cat and it was good to cuddle him.

Most of my little beasts don’t like to be cuddled. Tickled, petted, combed – maybe, and when they condescend, they will sit on your lap. “But don’t pick me up!” “Just keep the treats coming!”

But Toby does not protest. Every so often he gets excited and then he may chow down on your finger if you don’t remove it sharpish. But he’s never drawn blood. He is very agreeable.

We do have a couple of cuddlers, Sikkim, for one. She loves to be held like a baby.

Blackie doesn’t like to be picked up but she is a bed-cuddler. She can’t get close enough.

That’s Panther’s picture, by the way.

I had a strange experience with her the other day.

But I’ll tell you that another time.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I hope you were feeling well over the holiday, and to thank you for the name Deric Longden in a recent post. I have read so many animal (cats!) books but never came across his name. Have just finished reading all of them over the long weekend. Thanks!

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