A healthy addiction

A break in the clouds. I hope it means clear skies ahead….for everyone

Ever since I came back east, I’ve been “shooting” the sky.

Except on a plain grey day, such as we have now,

there is always something different to view.

Some new form of art.

Things that fly have always caught my attention,

be they mechanical or live.

My preference is for feathered friends,

But I also have a weakness for fast ‘planes.

Sometimes, the light is so soft,

it makes me feel warm and good.

Sometimes, it’s deep blue.

Last night I discovered I can’t look up at the moon anymore, because of my “neck issue”.

The solution would be to lie on the ground, of course.

And at the moment it is certainly warm enough.

It’s not natural for the weather to be so mild,

but it helps keep the heating bill down.

And the “snow man” at bay!

Morning mist sometimes obscures the sky.

It has its own special appeal.

A few clouds on the horizon announce the coming of the sun:


This sort of sky takes me immediately outside.

A recent evening.

Night skies have their own special appeal.

Taken before the “neck issue”!


Strangely, this year, storm clouds were not so many. Though we did have a doozie on August 22nd:

There is so much passion, so much drama in a big storm.

Benign can turn to brutal so fast:

Some skies are just plain pretty:

Some are a bit weird:


These are the mornings that make me leap from my bed, at least rise as quickly as one can, at my age!

I am so grateful for the daily art show that takes place above my head, courtesy of Mother Nature. She is my Goddess.

2 thoughts on “A healthy addiction

  1. Wonderful photos. Sometimes I will lay on a outside lounge chair and look up at the sky at night (or day) – easier on the neck….
    In one of the photos I see a woman standing on a pedestal (one leg ahead of the other) holding a baby (or a cat) in her right arm, her left arm raised to the sky, and her hair blowing in the wind… Hmmmmmm

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